Last month White Chocolate Band performed at an annual installation dinner featuring some of the brightest human resource professionals in the area. The party organizers asked us to set up entertainment for your event or party in Buffalo Niagaraearly in the day to not interfere with the awards ceremony and the dinner. This event was obviously a professional setting and geared towards industry leaders, but the organizers made it clear that they wanted people to have fun after dinner and wanted to entice them to stick around.   We are used to accommodating these types of requests in and around the Buffalo-Niagara region.

When we arrived we saw this was truly a mix of age groups and music tastes. Our Keyboard player, Brian Beaudry, went around the room and introduced himself as part of the band and then began to ask people what type of music they enjoyed dancing to.  Brian wrote down everything he heard and came back to the band and said “we have to modify our first set”.

Our first set reflected the interest in top 40 music so we played some Justin Timerlake, Bruno Mars, and DNCE. We were originally going to start with some motown and fifties, but the crowd wanted something much more updated. As instructed by the event organizers, we were to play according to the crowd and that’s exactly what we did.

The food was delicious and the atmosphere of the event was well thought out. The organizer really did an exceptional job with the seating, placement of the entertainment, and the flow of the night. We had the crowd dancing until almost 1am and actually got a new job from one of the attendees.  Buffalo is truly a region where referrals drive business. People buy from people and getting those referrals is what keeps our band busy all year long in Buffalo and Niagara.


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