Securing vendors for your wedding is hard, but deciding on the entertainment can be harder. Why?  The entertainment and music you choose for your wedding reception will set the tone for the “after dinner fun”.    This is what people really remember.  If you ask someone what they ate at a wedding they attended last year, they probably won’t remember.  Yet, if they loved the music and danced- they will remember a “good time”.   It’s important to pick the right entertainment for your reception.

Here are some tips for a successful and fun wedding reception.

Pick someone with experience.    live music for buffalo events

Vet the contenders making sure they have experience performing at weddings where they have shown to be scheduled disciplined and have can pay attention to details.  Hiring someone who hasn’t read the contract or shows up late for set up can create stress the bride and groom don’t need.

Will they dress the part?

You don’t want a band showing up for your elegant, formal wedding in jeans and sneakers.  Visit their website and look at the way they dress for shows or in their band pictures.  If they are in jeans and sneakers for their band picture, then you want to make sure you clearly state dress code in all conversations.  They should match the dress code of the wedding. If your wedding is on a farm, then jeans might be ok, but if you’re spending a lot of money to have your wedding in fancy hotel, you don’t want to have a band show up looking like they are playing on a farm.

Pick music your guests will enjoy too.

Any good wedding band will play music that appeals to all generations.  You don’t want Uncle Charlie and Aunt Mary leaving after dinner because they can’t tolerate listening to Nelle all night, nor do you want your friends from college leaving because they can’t stand to hear another Beatles tune.   Make sure the band you hire for your wedding can play music that spans many generations.  You’ll also want to make sure they can include traditional stuff like The Chicken Dance, The Electric Slide and The Cha Cha Slide. These tunes will elicit young and old to get up and dance-together.


Here are some other tips we got from

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Get it all in writing.

Once you’re ready to book, negotiate an airtight contract, then check it against your venue’s contract. It should include:
• Start and end times including loading and unloading times.
• A “key man” stipulation. This means the singer (a.k.a. the reason you chose the group) can’t be swapped out with no notice.
• Rough must-play and do-not-play lists. You can finalized them later, but give the group something to start with.
• The cancellation and refund policy. If you cancel and your band or DJ rebooks your date, you could get your deposited back.
• The total fee and overtime rate, plus extra charges. Duh.
• Food-and-drink policy. Most venues will offer vendors a buffet dinner at half the price of a guest’s meal.
Read the fine print.

Bands and DJs have been known to charge extra for these. Avoid surprises by making sure they’re covered in your contract:
• Wireless microphones for the officiant and toasts

• Emcee services
• Additional equipment or speakers
• Taxes and gratuities

White Chocolate can provide the live music, the Emcee Services, the dinner music and work around your schedule for set up and tear down. Work with a band who has 16 years experience playing weddings in WNY.

How To Pick The Right Entertainment For Your Wedding In Buffalo!
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